AYALEX GROUP is a small business Enterprise, offering the opportunity to support small businesses to grow. We provide Business Development and Project Management Services! We help people with initiatives make their dreams a reality. We have knowledge and expertise in market analysis, studies of project feasibility. We provide you with necessary information to get your business started without any fears or headaches. We even work on your plans with you and provide you with tools for your success! Best of all, you never become an old and forgotten clients. We stay true to our Motto: Virtue, Dedications & Results! Every Clients counts! We have proven experience in these varieties of areas with clients’ satisfactions! For further information, contact us:Tel: (703) 495-7078. E-mail: info@ayalexgroup.com




At AYALEX GROUP, we have a team of trained TAX Professionals to assist our clients. We are IRS authorized e-filers and we offer INCOME TAX services with free electronic filing. We have experience working with growing firms in the industries. We prepare your taxes for you free with with no obligation to file with us. Try us and get your greatest tax refund. For further information, feel free to call or write us; we are around all year to help you plan your deductions, or make informed necessary adjustments on lifetime changes that can affect your taxes. We prepare all states returns with e-filing where available for faster processing :

Best of all, you don’t have to waste your time to travel to a tax office. We offer convenient and secure mailing services at our own charges. This option allows most of our clients to send their documents to us either by mail or fax and we do the rest with no hidding cost. That’s not all, if you are a seasons Tax preparers in need of joining a team of tax professionals, feel free to contact us. We will provide addionational training and materials if needed for your accurate, and fast income tax preparation. (703) 495-7078(703) 495-7078. E-mail: info@ayalexgroup.com