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Income Tax Services

AYALEX TAX Services is a fast growing service we offer to assist our clients. We have trained TAX Professionals with years of experience to assist you all year round for your tax needs. We are IRS authorized e-filers and we offer INCOME TAX services with free electronic filing. We have experience working with growing firms in the industries with over 30 years of experiences. We prepare your taxes for you free with with no obligation to file with us. For further information, feel free to call or write us:

Bring your previous years TAX returns to us and we will review it for you for free. If we find errors that can get you more money, we will help amend your taxes for you.

go here In Short, our Services include, but not limited to…
  • Income Tax Preparation and Filing
  • Reviewing previous year return and processing Amendments
  • Securing ITIN
  • 1099 Preparation for small business
  • Notary Service
  • Tri-lingual Services (English, Spanish, French)

Our TAX Consulting Service does not end with the preparation on April 15th. We advise you on how to get more money with IRA, buying a house for example all in the best interest for your future. For example, do you know that if you buy a house this year, the federal government will give you a credit up to $8000.00?* We are available all year round if you have any questions. Tel: (703) 495 - 7078. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We’ll work hard to make sure You get the biggest tax refund you can get. Let our experience and expertise track down every bit of the refund that you’re due. We can also file your return electronically for maximum accuracy and so you’ll get your money back quicker. More money and faster than ever before? You definitely deserve a raise!